My Music History

First Instruments

I've always been exposed to music. My mother is a self-taught pianist, and there has always been singing and music at home. The first instrument I played was the cornet, in grade school. That didn't last very long, but in junior high I started to play tenor saxophone in my church band, and for the next few years I played frequently in church as well as school.

Electric Bass Guitar

My electric

I began to play electric bass in September, 1991, when I was in grade 10. I took lessons with Brian Sexton (B.Mus, M.Mus - classical guitar and composition, I believe) for 6 months, and he taught me volumes about good technique and basic music theory. After he had taught me as much as he felt he could on the bass he gave me a choice: to move into jazz theory, or work on chord theory. I bought a guitar and continued lessons on the latter subject for another 6 months. Following that, I was left on my own to learn by playing in church, listening to records, reading magazines and articles on the usenet, and talking to other players.

Double Bass

My double bass

I bought my double bass and started formal lessons on it November 1993, with the principle bassist of the NSO, Frank Fusari. In January, 1994, I joined the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra as second chair bass. I haven't taken lessons since May of 1995 due to the high demands (on my time and money) of my studies in Engineering, but I try to at least maintain my skill by playing in the orchestra.

Other Musical Education

Throughout elementary and junior high I took regular music classes. In August 1993 I attended Eastern Music camp(playing sax), where I met Andrea Lane and Patrick Boyle, and first became interested in the double bass when local bassist Denise Lear brought her bass in to play with the jazz band. In grade 11 I took a choral class. The summer between grades 11 and 12 I studied voice and theory with my high school music teacher Brad Hillier (B.Mus, B.Ed.). In the summer of 1995 I toured with an American Christian volunteer musical ensemble, all over the U.S. and even to Iceland, playing bass guitar in the rhythm section.

Last updated January 16, 1996
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