"I just heard this funny true story. A lady from Newfoundland went to Las Vegas and stayed at Caesar's Palace. It was her last night there and she was at the elevator, on the way to her room, the door opens and inside is two big black men with guns at their sides and a smaller black man in the middle. She was scared but got on the elevator anyways, she didn't know if the guys were kidnapping this guy or what was up. The doors closed and one of the big guys says, "lady hit the floor". She jumps to the floor and lies down expecting to get shot on the spot!! The guy picks her up and says, " lady push the button for your floor". (ha,ha) Well, the next day she went to the front desk to check out and they told her that her bill was taken care of. She had stayed for seven days, meals etc. - all was taken care of and there was a note! It said," You made me laugh harder that I have in a long time. Thanks. Eddie Murphy!!" It was him and his two bodyguards!! TRUE STORY !!"