Seen 2002-11-22 with Christiane, Richard, and Laura-Dawn


I enjoyed this movie. I wasn't sure what to expect because I'm not a big fan of suspense or thriller type movies. This one was good even if only because it drew me into the characters a little more than most movies, and didn't resort to the hollywood ending cliche. It's about a pair of detectives who get shipped to Alaska to help with the strange murder of a teenage girl. The case takes some unexpected twists while the detectives are also in turmoil because of Internal Affairs (IA) investigations into their previous cases in LA. The murder in the perpetual daylight above the arctic circle in Alaska is really just a device to explore the conflict within the main characters, which is where the movie's title comes from.

On the downside, there's lots of cussin', and a few dead bodies, but not too much gore or gratuitous violence.