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In the last 24 hours, I've done a load of dishes, five loads of laundry, some general apartment tidying, some schoolwork, and eaten two meals of leftovers. Ah, the bachelor life.

This is how dry my building is: a set of double bed sheets, out of the washing machine around 2pm, hung over the shower curtain rod in the bathroom, is practically dry at 5 pm.

I've noticed that the phrase "like a river needs and ocean" is overused in popular song lyrics. Well, I know of at least two songs that use it, and it always struck me a poor simile.

A few items from last week that I haven't really mentioned yet: I worked last Wednesday at Tour Tech East, putting up a grid in their main studio for the movie that will be shooting there over the next couple of months. I think it's an NBC movie of the week or something. A day's pay is always good.

On Saturday I did a introductory workshop on operating sound systems at Faith Tabernacle. I think it went fairly well, and will have a definite positive impact on the sound quality at the church. The next step is to help them with upgrading their sound system. I'm not sure yet what my role will be in that process, if I'm involved at all. If your church is in Atlantic Canada and you would like to invest in training your technical volunteers, email me.

Finally, the last tidbit of news: I'll be working with Tour Tech on the setup for the main awards gala for the East Coast Music Awards at the Halifax Metro Centre. I'm on the audio setup crew, and I'm looking forward to it. It should be interesting. Confidential to Tommy: I was looking at the plot over at the shop last week while I was hanging with Roy and learning WYSIWYG. It's pretty cool, with lots of curved truss, four stages and that whole "in the round" concept. 53 motors for the lighting rig, plus the CBC set pieces and PA. All the TTE 2ks are going out (60) plus PALs and a mess of other stuff. They're motoring four dimmer racks up to the catwalk. The designer is a french guy, Jean Renaud. The programmer/ops are also french, two guys Norm and I forget the other one's name. They're using Hogs, and doing two stages each.

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