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Ain't the web great?

I've been collecting a small number of Air Miles reward points for a while, with a card for shopping at Sobey's (one of the local grocery chains). Today I decided to see what those point could get me. Of course, I want to know which "reward" is the best value, so I head over to froogle and search for a couple of items on the air miles reward site. With a good idea of what an item costs, it's easy to see that one dollar is worth about 15 to 20 Air Miles (at retail prices). In other words, if a CD player costs $100, and I could get it for 2500 Air Miles, I'm better off buying the CD player with cash, and using the Air Miles for something else.

What's cool was that I could so easily put brand and model numbers into froogle and get realistic prices for the items on the air miles site. Yay for technology.

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