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Web Tidbits

Came across two interesting things on the net tonight. First, tomorrow the Geminid meteor shower will peak, so I might try to convince a friend or two to brave the cold and go star-gazing with me. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Second, I came across a very interesting article analyzing consumerism and how anti-consumerism is really just another facet of consumerism, and a part of what continues to drive our consumer culture. This article is a companion to a new book called The Rebel Sell, and I found it fascinating.


Hi Christopher,
They are very good articles. YOu should read "Jihad vs McWorld" in the same vein. I think the author is Benjamin Barber.BY the way, was that Dad's birthday when you made that entry? Love, Mom

Hi, this message is for you Sharon. I've been doing some back blogging in Christopher's 'little corner' and saw that he mentions you are 'one of the few' who regularly read his entries, so I thought I'd say hi to you! I am Julie, one of Christopher's new friends he mentions in a November entry(I think). Christopher is a amiable character and we are just as pleased to have him as a friend as he expresses to have us as the same.
Christopher, you'll have to be more diligent and creative in your blogging because I've discovered your website at 3 am this morning and realized you may have just given me something to actually do at the worst and most tedious hour of my night shift! Good morning for now, hope you don't mind if I add a comment here and there to keep myself entertained! It is 4:44 am and I am ready for 7 am. bye bye
PS, Sharon, that's my mom's name too :)

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