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News (or lack of)

Two interesting notes:

First, today at 3pm local time (the local time zone is 3 hrs ahead of UTC, so 6pm UTC) Al Jazeera's English-language global news channel Al Jazeera International goes on-air.

Second, a US newspaper has this story about a leaked internal memo from Fox news showing their obvious political bias.

The two may seem unrelated, but I have to say that when I leave Qatar for good and move back to Canada, I hope I'll be able to get Al Jazeera International on cable or satellite. I personally know journalists and other folks who work there, and right now I have high expectations that this new competitor to CNNi and BBC World will cover major news stories with a much more global perspective, and probably with less bias than the western news outlets. To me the leaked Fox memo symbolizes the decline of journalistic integrity in North America, and I fear for the future of the US (and to some extent Canada as well) if our news organizations continue to slide into ineptitude.

Not that I watch the news much anyway...

Ed: two quick corrections. Apparently a news release yesterday indicated the name has been changed to Al Jazeera English. Also, I did the math wrong and the launch is noon in UTC or 6AM EDT (still 3pm locally here in Doha).

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