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I kept meaning to write an entry about how I have realized in the first 6 months of being back working in Halifax that I never want to have to drive a car to work again. I started riding the bus and found it extremely convenient, not to mention relaxing to be able to read, nap, chat with Krista, daydream, and generally not car about bumper to bumper traffic on the bridge across the harbor. Then last month HRM had bike week, and gave free passage on the ferry for cyclists. I took my bike to work a few times and realized that 1) it is really easy to ride to work (as long as you are careful in a few busy traffic spots) and 2) a cyclist can get downtown faster than a car in rush hour, by a wide margin. In fact, from home to work, there is only one small section where any car can catch up an pass me on my bike, and I've gotten so far ahead everywhere else that in the end I still get to work far faster than the cars passing my house at the same time I leave.

So, either I get to relax, or get some exercise, and either way I get to work cheaper, just as fast and with less frustration with traffic and parking. The point was driven home (pardon the pun) last month when I had to drive my car to work a few times. Each time I did I repeatedly told myself how glad I was that I didn't have to do it everyday. Of course, a big part in making this possible is where you choose to live. With increasing concern about global warming, energy efficient and environmental responsibility, I think that many of us need to think carefully about where we buy houses, how we commute, and how we grow cities, but that's a whole other rant.

Anyway, that was the entry I meant to write, but now Commuting has a different meaning. I'm sitting at the airport Best Western in Anchorage, AK, waiting to go to Seward to meet the MV Norseman II. I'm heading to sea for about a month to start a major research project on whales up in the Chuchki Sea. Yeah, scary and cool at the same time. I'll post some GPS coordinates later, but for now, get yerself to Google Earth and find out where those things are. Ain't it cool?

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