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Another brief life update

I really have to streamline my process for adding entries to this site. I don't think I'm any more busy now than I've ever been, but lately it seems so hard to find time to log in, write, add links, upload pictures.

I've got tons of pictures that I want to add. If last year in Qatar wasn't enough, this year has had plenty of excitement. A month at sea above the arctic circle. Hiking the Long Range traverse in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. An excellent family vacation in St. John's.

I'm probably heading back to Alaska on Monday, which puts my time this weekend especially at a premium. Not to mention that I have to focus on finishing my thesis, since I'm already into overtime as far as university regulations about extensions are concerned.

Speaking of the thesis, I'm seriously into writing now. Making good progress, except today my laptop decided to start having mysterious hardware issues. Like not POSTing for 5 minutes and really freaking me out. I managed to get it to boot, and I immediately copied all of my data onto an external HD. Gotta learn to keep those backups current.

In other news, Krista started a vegetable garden in the backyard this year, and it's going really well. We had our first peas and zucchini today, with some grilled shark steaks. Yum. Krista's working late tonight so while I'm giving the laptop some TLC I'm at the office listening to The Final Countdown. Yeah, life is good.

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