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May 29, 2003


Thanks to Steve for pointing me to the most boring blog on the web. Quite funny.

Steve also mentions the new version of Acrobat Reader, which I suppose I should install. Unlike Steve, I've come to grudgingly appreciate the existance of the PDF format, although I still think that Flash is an abomination (sorry, Jason, nothing personal).

Finally, just for you Jason, in case you ever see this: CSS Zen Garden via mpt's blog I think, which I can't reach right now to check.

May 28, 2003

Down with Renee Z

Kerry seems to love everything with Renee Zellweger in it, and Down with Love is no exception. Despite the occasional sexual humor, it was a cute and entertaining film. The only thing funnier than the movie was the lady behind us in the theatre, laughing out loud.

May 27, 2003

Cooking success

Finally, cooking is starting to come together a little more consistently for me. Not like I'm doing hard stuff, but last Friday's chili was good, and on Saturday I did a half decent Teriyaki stirfy chicken with bean sprouts and cabbage.

I did a couple of days work last week and I also started on the software contract for Dr. Phillip's lab over the weekend. I've put in two days on it so far, so it's taking a little longer than I expected, but it won't take much longer. Pays better than doing sound, though.

I have to give notice to my landlord by the end of the month if I'm planning to renew my lease in September or not. That's a bit of a pain. I'd like to be in a building with more flexible lease options, not to mention closer to Kerry. We'll see what happens. I'm also suffering a little today, since I'm on week 7 of my grass allergy injections. This week I bumped up to 0.1 ml of 5000ppu from 0.3ml of 500ppu, so my arm is really itching where I had the injection.

To end on a slightly more interesting note: Kerry was a subject in a sleep deprivation experiment over the weekend. It paid $75, but she really did it because she had to have two MRIs done for the experiment. She got to keep one of the films so she now has a scan of her very own brain. Now we're looking for a cheap way to display it. It requires a transparent frame since the film needs to be backlit. Anyway, to celebrate and spend her earnings, I took her to the MicMac mall in Dartmouth this afternoon. I sat in the food court and worked on the software project on Kerry's iBook, and she bought herself an nice dress for her trip to BC and Charlotte's wedding.

May 21, 2003

Why do you have feet?

That was the cutest thing Kerry and I saw on Sunday afternoon when we took a walk in Point Pleasant Park. A little girl walked over to us and asked Kerry that very inquisitively. I don't know what she really wanted to ask, but she sure was sweet.

As Kerry mentions in her weblog, we've had a weekend of excellent weather here. Sunny and mid-20s temperatures. Not only did we enjoy a walk on Sunday, but we also went to Sir Sanford Fleming Park on Monday afternoon, right before we indulged in our second viewing of The Matrix Reloaded. The first was last Thursday, opening night.

My theory of what's happening in the Matrix is pretty well summarized by Dave Hyatt, but be warned that this discussion contains plot spoilers so don't bother unless you've already seen the movie.

Tommy brought it to my attention that I haven't been faithful with the gig updates. I was pretty busy for a while a couple of weeks ago, so I didn't write much about the shows in that span of time. Two weeks later I can't remember much memorable stuff, except perhaps for the WWE shows. I'll try to post a separate entry later, but to summarize: 13 trailers! I'm heading out to a little job now, so I must conclude.

May 17, 2003


Yesterday I did a load in and load out for an aboriginal awards banquet at the WTCC. The band and the client didn't show up until 4ish, and doors were at 5:15, so needless to say there was some last minute flailing. I didn't work the show, but it took the whole day to do the setup, so I got a fair number of hours.

In the break between setup and tear down, I invited Kerry over to my place. We indulged in Pizza Hut breadsticks with cheese and potato skins from Kempster's. We also watched the movie About a Boy. We usually like Hugh Grant's movies and Kerry always likes british accents, but we were still surprised at how much we enjoyed this film. It wasn't typically Hollywood. Several times I found myself expecting an irritating plot turn as a result of some stupid thing the protagonist does, but the writers managed to resolve the tension in ways that were enjoyable. The cliche I hate is "lead character does something incredibly stupid that could damage the relationship with the love interest, the error is revealed in the most embarrassing way, several misunderstandings compound the hurt feelings, the love interest turns to hate, and finally the protagonist is humbled, and does something very sweet or very humiliating to win back the love interest, and all is well again." I confess that I expected some variation on that theme, and thought I saw it coming several times, but this movie avoids the usual trap by, well, being about the boy. Not Hugh Grant, but the young protagonist. Well, sort of about him.

Anyway, enough about that. I have to go and watch the Senators game. Happily, they just tied the game at 1 with 15 seconds left in the first period. I'm going to try and get a little work done on my MATLAB project, too.

May 15, 2003


In less than two hours Kerry and I will be watching The Matrix Reloaded. We're really looking forward to it. Last week we treated ourselves to X2, which was fairly good. Some of the plot points were a little unsatisfying, but overall, I left wanting to watch another sequel, so I guess the movie business got what it wanted out of that movie.

As for the rest of my life, this week has passed nearly as quickly as last week, even though I haven't been doing and production work with Tour Tech or other local companies. I have agreed to do a little work coding a GUI for some MATLAB code that will be used in Kerry's thesis experiment. I think it's a pretty small job, and a good opportunity to learn something new, not to mention a nice supplemental income for a slow week like this one. Too bad I haven't actually got much done on it. Oh well. I did put in some work on my thesis on Monday.

May 07, 2003

Time passes quickly

I had a little bit to say about the Mike Mangini drum clinic I went to last Friday, the WWE setup at the Metro Centre on Monday, the ridiculous state of auto insurance in Nova Scotia, plus a few other things. I've just been busy working and keeping up with life. I can't even take long to post this. I'm working all day today (that's a good thing) so maybe tomorrow I'll take a little time to blog. I'm also still working behind the scenes on the major change I mentioned a while back. All will be unveiled soon...

May 02, 2003

Trip to NB

I'll post more about this week later, but the trip to Saint John was quite enjoyable. Since I decided to avoid complications and do it all in one day, Kerry came along for the ride. In the afternoon between work things, I had time to explore the downtown a little with Kerry. We discovered the really nice City Market. Recommended when visiting Saint John.