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February 22, 2004

Nothing personal, but for the sake of the children, STOP!

I know you can't stop the feeling, but please stop making music videos! This David Hasselhoff video is possibly the worst thing I have seen in years

February 20, 2004


Don't get caught on the streets of Halifax tonight, or else you'll get fined $1000.
(Globe and Mail) (CBC)

What's really cool, though, is that I heard about this on metafilter! We're famous! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anybody commenting who is actually from this area. I thought HRM was more like 350,000+, not 150,000. If I had an account, I would post from more info, like these pictures that I found today from a discussion on halifax.general.

Color in Light, and LaTeX

Learn something new every day, I say. So, if the use of LaTeX's color support is your thing, then it's good to know that old style files using expressions like
\global\setbox\@currbox\vbox\bgroup should have an additional level of grouping added, as in

\color@vbox \normalcolor

On the other hand, if you didn't absolutely need to know that, as I did this morning, then perhaps this NRC website about full spectrum lighting and SAD will be interesting. I particularly found the paper entitled Is Full-Spectrum Lighting Special(PDF) interesting. The take-home lesson is that while the benefits of elevated lighting levels are well-established, many of those benefits can be obtained with a variety of light sources, including a family of flourescent lights as well as other conventional lighting types.

(I came across this while randomly browsing the sci.engr.lighting newsgroup. Yes, I'm a geek)

I guess no work today either

Haligonians tend to be parnoid about weather in my experience, but for once (sorry, make that twice, Juan) the storm seems to have exceeded expectations. The original forcast was for 25cm Wed pm and 15-25cm Thursday. As of 7AM Friday, the weather network was reporting 95cm accumulation for Halifax. It's beautiful and sunny this morning, but I'm not surprised there are no traffic sounds. I expect it will be a while before the equipment gets around to remove the snow. For now there is no place else to plow it. I have a few pics that I may post, but to start with, here is my balcony this morning:

The balcony was clear on Wednesday evening.

February 19, 2004

There is no website configured at this address

Steve, where did you go?

February 13, 2004

Congratulations Kerry!

(NST) Don't have much time to write, since I have to be at work shortly, but I found out yesterday that my best friend Kerry was just awarded the Rothermere Fellowship from Memorial University (our Alma Mater). That means that she has full funding to do her PhD in the UK, and coincidentally, she's already been accepted and found a supervisor at -- yes, no joke -- Oxford. I'm really proud of you Kerry, and I know that you're going to really enjoy it!

February 10, 2004

Dinner at the Winsors

Pastor Gary Winsor is the pastor of my old church in Newfoundland. He and his family used to live in Tiawan. Since I'm only here in Newfoundland for a week or so, I was invited to dinner at their house (my brother is dating their daughter, and our families have known each other for years). Because of their time in Tiawan, they cook good, authentic chinese cuisine. We had a pork curry, beef stirfry and some boiled pork dumplings that I can't spell the name of. It was a fantastic meal.

Thanks Mrs. Winsor for the great dinner last evening.

February 07, 2004

Text Messaging

Family and friends - don't forget that you can still send text messages to my phone via email (or via your own SMS phone) while I'm in Newfoundland.

February 06, 2004

Interplantary Space Flight Primer

(via slashdot) The Basics of Space Flight on JPL's web site is a fascinating self-study course intended to give NASA employees a broad understanding of all the components of interplanetary flight. I'm only through chapter 1 yet, but I'm hooked.

Rent and Rebates

Due to an irritating technical foul-up, my rent check was returned this month, so this morning I had to quickly arrange to pay my rent in cash. The extra fees amounted to thirty dollars and change, but it was the hassle of having to deal with the whole situation that was the most irritating. The consolation prize was in the mail. I didn't expect to ever see the rebate check for the DVD/CD-Burner, so it was great that it covered the loss on the rent fiasco, even if it was money that was mine all along.

Quality Television

Amongst all the crap on TV, I'm occasionally reminded of some of the gems. This Hour Has 22 Minutes is one of those. Occasionally a little crude, I guess, but really, really funny.