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October 30, 2005

Cabot Trail

At the end of the Celtic Colours week, Krista and Kendra drove up to Sydney and met me. The last show was a Saturday night, and we took Sunday to drive the Cabot Trail through Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

We had a really nice day. Rain was forecasted, but in the morning the clouds broke and the sun came out. Strong winds drove really amazing surf of the eastern side of the trail. Near the start of the drive before the national park we came across a really beautiful walking bridge across a river. About 2/3 through the park we walked in to Beolach Ban waterfall near Pleasant Bay. Coming down some of the twisty winding mountain highways, we saw two moose across in a clearing on the opposite hill. A little while later we saw a moose and her calf on the side of the road. And just as we were finishing the trail and we came around the headland on the north western part of the trail towards Cheticamp, massive rays of sun were falling through broken clouds on the stormy looking sea.

Check out some pictures at cwhitt.myphotoalbum.com.

I don't think we could have asked for a better tour of the park and the trail. My only regret was that in rushing through in one day we didn't have time to stop and do a few of the things like hike the skyline trail, but there's always next time.

Posting this late, since I've taking all the time since I got back to Cape Breton to catch up with the business of life, spend time with Krista and Kendra, and simply relax.

October 12, 2005

Milky Way

I haven't seen the milky way in a long time, and tonight on the way back from the show I stopped at the top of Kelly's Mountain and took 5 minutes to look at the stars. It was really nice. The sky cleared tonight for the first time since I've been in Cape Breton and it was definitely worth stopping to take it all in.

October 10, 2005

Celtic Colours

It's Thanksgiving Monday and I'm sitting in the Celtic Colours festival office at the Gaelic College in St. Ann, Cape Breton. I'm up here for 10 days doing lights or sound every day. The beginning and end of the week there are the opening and closing galas at the Sydney Marine Terminal. In between I'm doing sound with a small system in a different community every night. It's a decent week of work - reasonable schedules and enough variety to stay interesting, but I'll be happy to get home. Krista is planning to have a late thanksgiving dinner and I'm counting down the days.

Here's a picture of the opening gala.