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June 09, 2006

Impeach George W. Bush

I didn't realize that the case for impeaching president Bush is so strong. Of course, nobody expects the Republican congress to do anything, but a motion was introduced this year to investigate impeachment. Even that was almost a token gesture, but it was done with this purpose: to present a 190-page report giving the exact details of the mistakes, abuse of power, flouting of the US constitution, and possible criminal actions of the current US administration. It removes the excuse of "we didn't know." When history passes judgement on this decade, and our children ask where were the supporters of justice and democracy, nobody will be able to say that the facts of the matter were not known.

Of course, I'm just occasionally distracted from my life by politics and so on, and I haven't read the original report. The term Conyer's Report sounds vaguely familiar, so perhaps I've been living in a cave (or just living outside of North America... oh wait, I am) and everybody has already heard about this, but still I wonder why there is still so little action. Regardless of the man's professed faith, how can any citizen of a free, democratic country tolerate a leader who so blantantly abuses a position of power?

Oh, and just as a little footnote: I used to support the investigation into Bill Clinton's indiscretions and the subsequent impeachment proceedings. However, aside from the obvious partisan attack, the Clinton administration seems to have emerged completely unstained by high-level scandel or corruption. Here's an exercise for the reader: count how many high-level Bush supporters or appointees have been implicated in scandels, resigned, or even been indicted? For extra points, calculate the percentage of those who were disgraced by personal failings like oral sex with an intern, and how many were for things like fraud, perjury, theft, corruption and so on. If you are too lazy to actually do that, even a casual google search may be enlightening...

Oil spill at BC plant

A 24-year old medic in BC quit his job this week when he realized 4 young men with shovels were the only effort to clean up an oil-contaminated field at a BC plant belonging to an American oil giant. The plant management said use of heavy equipment would be impossible because that might mean shutting down parts of the plant, since pipes go through the affected area.

The plant is in a remote area of BC. Blog posts here, here, and here.

I hope this gets more media attention. Seaches of cbc.ca and ctv.ca for "oil spill" turned up nothing related.

June 06, 2006

Work less, produce more

I've always liked the idea of shorter work weeks, but I didn't realize there was such a strong academic argument for limiting work hours to 8hr/day 5day/week maximum. Apparently it's been well studied and long accepted in business and industry, except it seems that every generation needs to re-learn the lesson.

This article is written from the perspective of the software industry, which is infamous for ridiculous schedules expected of employees, but the arguments and all of the sources apply generally to most if not all industries. Highly recommended!

June 03, 2006

Breaking news

Rather than post about another in the line of articles I've read online lately that reinforce the impression that the US is becoming a police state and the Bush administration is at best inept and at worst criminally negligent, I thought I'd highlight the US spelling bee. Seems the 2006 edition just wrapped up with finals broadcast on national primetime TV. The specifics of the winner are not that important to be, but I did happen to see most or all of the documentary spellbound a while back, so I have just the smallest familiarity with the competition, which is what made me interested when I saw the article on metafilter.com. One of the comments to the article echoed my own feelings about things like the spelling bee. I can identify with those kids in some ways, and as pointless as a spelling may seem - even to me - I would rather see that on TV, or encourage my own child to participate long before I would be interested in the latest american idol, children's beauty pagent, or half a dozen other pointless things that are far more popular.


I don't know why I even bother buying plain Pringles. Here in Qatar Pringles are about the same price as Lays chips, so I buy them more often than in Canada, but I only ever enjoy the salt&vinegar flavor. Don't know why it took several cans of regular for me to smarten up and realize that I shouldn't even bother.

In other news, I have finished tweaking the website upgrade for the time being and the rest of the site should be working ok. If you see any problems let me know.