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June 03, 2007

Spring cleaning and summer plans

Just in time for summer, we have finally finished our spring cleaning. A few weeks ago we tackled the wreck that was the basement, and ended up putting most of the junk into the garage. Yesterday we finally had a yard sale and cleaned up the garage. It's so nice to feel like the house is more in order.

Work is good. Starting to get real busy. For a while it looked like I was going to Sakhalin Island in eastern Russia for 3 weeks in the wilderness monitoring the noise of offshore oil&gas work, but due to bureaucratic stuff beyond our control it now seems I won't be able to make that trip. I'm a little disappointed since it seemed like an interesting trip and the timing was great. Instead, I'm likely to be going to Alaska in July to go to sea for a month or so, deploying submerged instruments in the high arctic. Also interesting, although it may mean some slight changes to vacation plans.

Krista, Kendra and I still hope to get to Newfoundland for a week or two in August. The dates are still flexible, because of the Alaska work trip.