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December 31, 2007

So long, 2007, it was nice knowin' ya...

Wow, hard to believe the year is almost over. As usual it's been too long since my last update. So much going on and blogging falls to the bottom of the pile. Probably for good reason.

It's been an interesting, exciting year. It's been so good to be living back at home in Canada, as much as I enjoyed Qatar. Working for JASCO has turned out quite well so far.

Since the last entry I've finally returned home from AK for good (this year). Work has been busy analyzing the data from this summer. I've joined the winter league of the local ultimate league. Went to Ontario for Christmas (relaxing) went skiing for the first time this season (icy, but earlier than last year) and booked a winter vacation out west (drive through the Rockies with lots of skiing along the way!).

Plans for the new year include finishing the last chapter of my long-overdue M.Eng. thesis, organizing the house, and doing some long term financial planning. I'm also looking forward to doing more minor home improvements and projects.