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I came into the world late in the evening on October 1, 1976 in the town hospital in Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada, the firstborn son of Morley and Sharon Whitt.

My parents were teachers in Charisma Pentecostal Collegiate at the time, and I spent the first two years of my life in this nice, rural Newfoundland community. My only sister, Christiane, was born here as well, on April 23, 1978.

Shortly after my sister's birth my parents decided to take a teaching position in Africa, and my family promptly moved to Liberia, West Africa. There I lived in the small city of Zwedru (approximately 6'N 9'W), in the tropical rainforest, for four years - during which time my father was the principal of Mike Tulah Wilson High School.

We, uhm, endured many interesting experiences while in Liberia including:
-eight-hour journeys over uncertain mud logging roads to get to the capital city of Monrovia (astute American history buffs will note the city is named after a president)
-wonderful tropical thunderstorms
-many snakes and other jungle creatures
-one military coup!
We returned to Canada in June of 1983, after a short stopover in Europe, and my parents resumed their posts as high school teachers in Springdale. I started school in grade 2 because I was taught kindergarden and grade 1 by homeschooling in Africa. My only brother, Andrew, was born on October 2, 1984.

The summer after I completed grade 5 my parents started a one-year leave of absence from their jobs to complete their Masters degrees at Memorial. We moved to St. John's and house-sat for my uncle, who was on sabbatical in Denmark. Upon convocating, however, my father was offered a permanent position in Eugene Vaters Pentecostal Collegiate in St. John's, and my mother, a one-year contract with possibility of permanancy. They decided to take the risk and move in here permanently so that my siblings and I would have the advantage of living at home through university. So we bought a nice house at 14 Holbrook Ave, and settled in.

I am very thankful that my parents made that move, because it was during the years since then that I have begun to develop my interests in computers, reading, and music. During my ninth and tenth (freshman and sophomore years, to you Americans reading this) I became involved in the local BBS scene. Thus started my education in computing. Around the same time I started taking bass guitar lessons. About two years later my interest in music had matured to the point that I began to learn to play the double bass in addition to bass guitar. In November of 1993 my parents purchased for me my very own upright.

The city has offered me many opportunities I wouldn't have had in rural Newfoundland. One of those opportunities was becoming a member of the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra. With the NSYO I've done several concerts here in St. John's and around the province, recorded a CD, and participated in an exchange with the Ottawa Youth Orchestra. The NSYO played Holst's Planets cycle with the NSO in February of 1996 and travelled to Niagara Falls in May 1996. The highlight of my NSYO career was definitely the trip to bristol England to play for the launch of the Matthew, in May 1997.

In 1994 I entered Memorial University of Newfoundland and did my core courses in preparation for entering the Faculty of Engineering. After my first year I took the summer to tour with the Celebrant Singers all over the U.S. and to Iceland. I am finished my sixth academic semester of university, which is Academic Term 4 of 8 in the engineering program (we also have 6 work terms - yes, that's like a full four-year degree program, plus two years work experience, on top of a year of core studies, all in the space of six years).

Hopefully, I'll be graduating in April of 2000 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical - Computer and Communication Option), and after that, who knows? The world's my oyster!

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Last updated 25 November 1997