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  1. The latest essay for KVAT, entitled Are Humans Conditioned Response Machines? A Critique of Behaviorist Philosphy as well as some extra bits that didn't fit in the essay which I submitted, on behaviorism used for manipulation(there is a little overlap between these two). Fancy titles, I know, they really aren't that great, and certainly not indepth, but anyway...
    I've also written a short addendum to both of the above which may be a bit alarmist, but I call it One Possible Consequence of Behaviorist Philosophy

  2. Vegetarian facts - We in the 'west', particularily in North America, consume far, far more meat than necessary. As global population becomes more and more of an issue, this is something that we all should at least be educated on. I do not advocate zero meat consumption, nor am I personally a vegetarian, but even when the anti-carnivorous attitude into account, there is enough undeniable truth to make us all think twice next time we belly up to a good slab of beef or side of pork.
    The current population of our planet is

  3. Speaking of food... The September 23, 1996 issue of Time Magazine had a cover story on some new diet pills such as Redux. I found very interesting some of the letters to the editor in response to that article.

  4. Why are companies making record profits while governments are cutting back more than ever? My thoughts on this economic situation.

  5. What is the real value of technology, and is it really improving the quality of our lives?

  6. Related to the above question, I recently read a very good article in Silicon Valley North (a newspaper for employees of high-tech companies in the Ottawa area) on the over-hyped 'Information Highway' and its role in society: The Infoway: Don't Mess with Mr. In-Between.

  7. Another article from the same publication that ran the above piece, this one about solar cars, and why Canadian companies should be scrambling to get in on the new market: The Little Engine That Could Take Over.

  8. An bit on the ego-centricity of Western civilization.

  9. An expanded and (soon-to-be) revised version of an essay I wrote for Engineering 3102, Knowledge, Values, and Technology, which I call Belief and Reason, oriented towards engineers.

  10. David Siegal has some interesting ideas about the future of the web as it relates to every aspect of our lives, which he discusses in his site called The Balkanization of the Web.

  11. A draft letter to the Muse and Gazette about the Removal of Memorial's Accreditation for granting engineering degrees. This is a ROUGH draft and a work in progress.

  12. This is a miscellaneous bit that I haven't got a better place to put yet: A short list of vi commands

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