About the soapbox

This is where I've decided to voice my opinions about things that concern, interest, vex, or excite me. A lot of the issues I want to write about are well-discussed by others much more learned than myself, and I want to make it clear that I'm aware the things I say here are in many cases shallow treatments of complex subjects. I just hope that in these pages someone else can find some coherence, some food for thought, and in adding these pages to my site I am bringing something of value to the web.

Also, this page is still fairly new to my site, so most of the articles here are very short. I intend to development most of them more fully when I have more time (when I'm on my next work term and not in school). It's not a complete picture of my character or attitudes.

One final thing: Everything contained on these pages, unless otherwise stated, is my own writing and my intellectual property, to which I claim copyright. That's pretty heady for an undergraduate engineering student, I know. I don't really think my thoughts are great enough to be plagarized, but just in case...

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