In response to the September 23, 1996 cover story on diet pills such as the new Redux:

"Your report underlined two major problems in Western society: we fail to take responsibility for our own acts, and we continually get ourselves into difficult situations and look to someone else for a solution. Drug abuse will be with us as long as we adults teach by example that every problem can be resolved by putting another capsule into our mouths. Everything--from minor headaches to boredom and from stress to fatigue--comes under this heading. Is it any wonder teenagers follow our example?"

(The Rev.) John Lesse
Bivange, Luxembourg

"I'm sick of people insinuating that Americans are overweight because they're lazy. Europeans don't stay thin by exercising three times a week or by eating nonfat foods. They stay thin by living an active life. The U.S. is designed around cars, not pedestrians or bicycles, and until that changes, Americans will continue to be fat."

April Balog
Hamburg, Germany

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