Technology and Society
Is technology an end in itself? I don't think so. What, then is the goal of our race for more, faster, more complex, 'better' technology?! As aspiring members of the profession which creates and maintains this technology, this is something we must come to grips with.

What do we gain if all our technology does is make businesses more profitable, increase margins, and lower costs? Are we really improving our society? It seems that people are still overworking to get ahead, while others are still desparate for work, and living in poverty.

On the other hand, my mother always says to me, 'The good old days are a myth. I wouldn't want to go back to living the way we did then.'

Living standards have definitly improved. Wealth is still unevenly distributed but there is more of it, for everyone. The key question then, is: Is technology helping our society to become a happier, more content, meaningful, society. Are we, as individuals finding purpose and satisfaction, and is our technology relieving us of the drudgery of survival to pursue these goals?

And this is quite a different topic entirely. My views on finding meaning in life will have to wait for another time.

Back to my soapbox.