Move commands
k	up line
j	down line
 beginning of next line
l	right space
 right space
h	left space
	left space

w	word forward
W	word forward, ignore punctuation
e	end of word
E	end of word, ignore punctuation
b	word backward
B	word backward, ignore punctuation
0	beginning of line
^	first non-whitespace character on line
$	end of line
nG	goto line n
G	goto last line

^F	scroll forward full screen
^D	scroll forward half screen
^B	back screen
^U	back half screen

)	next sentence
(	previous sentence
}	next paragraph
{	previous paragraph

H	top line on screen
M	middle line on screen
L	bottom line on screen

    Delete Commands
x	under cursor
X	before cursor
D	rest of line
dd	entire line
dw	delete word

    Change Commands
s	under cursor
S	same as cc
C	rest of line
cc	entire line
cw	change word
r	replace single char

    Insert Commands
a	after cursor
A	at end of line
i	before cursor
I	at beginning of line
o	open line below
O	open line above current

u	undo last change
.	repeat last change
/	find forward (down)
?	find backwards
n	find next (same as /)
N	find next in opposite direction
yw	yank word
yy	yank line
y yank any amount given my a move command
p	put last thing yanked or deleted AFTER cursor
R	overwrite characters

    Some handy combinations
xp	transpose two characters
deep	transpose two words
ddp	transpose two lines

    ex Commands
:se nu  	turn on line numbering
:se nonu	turn off above
:r 	read in a file
:!		execute a shell command